Limitless' support boasts significant business management capabilities: inventory tracking, purchase ordering, financial reporting and more. All POS solutions come with all settings and drivers pre-configured, simplifying installation and processes upfront.

A POS flexible and agile enough to accommodate a wide range of merchant sectors is a MUST – retail, restaurants, salons, liquor stores, convenience stores and beyond.

EMV Ready
Select from several EMV devices for your business to avoid fraud and potential chargebacks.

Complete Payment Solutions

With our Limitless set of solutions, developers can easily integrate in-person and card not present payment capabilities into their software, enabling consumers to use most all modern payment options without you having to reconcile each night matching your credit card terminal receipts to your POS batch out:

  • Chip and mag-stripe cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and other Near Field Communication (NFC) payment methods at the point of sale

  • Card not present payments including transactions by phone or mail through a virtual terminal, as well as via recurring billing, electronic invoice or an ecommerce site

  • Offline processing: In the event of an outage, Zeamster stores transactions and processes them when service is restored.

Free EMV/NFC-Enabled Terminals

Merchant customers of Limitless Paymints or business management software partners receive a free EMV/NFC-enabled terminal with their integrated solution for card present transactions. There are two options, based on merchant needs.

Seamless Integration for Online Payments

Developers can combine your in-store and online payments solutions to deliver integrated omni-channel payments. Full customization can be handled easily through one of our sales agents.

  • A website ePayment form uses a web post to submit payment details to a gateway URL. It can also be used for recurring billing, ACH and e-check payments.

  • An alternative is a cloud-hosted payment page, where the hosted pay page gathers payment details.

  • Another eCommerce solution is to integrate using approved shopping carts

  • In all three cases, PCI compliance is kept out of scope for the developer